Because of insecurity, Jehovah's Witnesses no longer go out to preach

They've even been mugged
June 15
Due to the high levels of insecurity in the streets of Villahermosa, Jehovah's Witnesses have stopped preaching and are now using a mobile application.
It became known that many citizens fear that they will be let into their homes to receive the word of God in the face of crime, which is why they are now inviting them to download the application and explore information related to Jehovah's commands.
"In some places, we have been assaulted, they have even entered the halls of the kingdom where we are gathered, they have assaulted us, they have kidnapped brothers", say the religious.
"It's a free application where you can check out Bible movies, children's cartoons, tips and the Bible online," said preacher Raymundo Argudo Perez.