FSB Crackdown in Saratov. Searches and three arrests made

On 12 June 2018 in saratov and in the region, law enforcement officials conducted mass records in the homes of citizens suspected of having the religion of Jehovah's witnesses. Three were arrested and sent to jail: Konstantin Bazhenov, 43-Year-Old Alexei Budenchuk, 35, and felix makhammadiev, 33.

At least 7 searches are known in the city of saratov and with. Broad (region). Acting extremely rudely, law enforcement officials hacked the doors of the apartments. So, having arrived with a search for konstantin and Irina Bazhenov, the special forces by mistake closed the door to their neighbors and only then, after they had understood, broke the door of the spouse s' Department. In The course of searches, citizens confiscated all equipment, books, photographs, notebooks, personal savings, savings books, passports.

At least for 2 searches, flaws were made. For example, during a search in the village. Wide, in the house of alexei and Tatiana Budenchuk, the sleeve of the children of the manga hung on a hanger, wine and defiant thrust "found" two books, one of which is included on the federal list of extremist materials. Alexei Budenchuk was arrested.

More than 10 people were taken to the fsb to be questioned, some were questioned until almost midnight. In General, during the interrogations, the believers followed the instructions of the Bible: " I will contain my mouth, while the wicked are in front of me ". I was mute and mute, and I did not say anything about the good " (Bible , Psalm 38: 2, 3, translation.

June 14, 2018, it became apparent that konstantin bazhenov, Felix Muhammad, Alex Budenchuk related to article 282.2 (1) of the criminal code ("organization of an extremist organization"). Judge of the district court of, has chosen a preventive measure in the form of a 2-Month Detention (until 12 August 2018) for these respected law-abiding citizens.

Such a serious violation of the rights of believers is a direct consequence of a terrible miscarriage of justice - the decision of the supreme court of the Russian Federation on the indiscriminate elimination and prohibition of all 396 Jehovah's witnesses in Russia . Law Enforcement Agents, driven for unknown reasons, issue a joint confession of law-abiding citizens to participate in the activities of an extremist organization.